Jul 26, 2013

Sorry, Self.

The thing is that I frankly could talk how much I regret some parts of my previous stairs of life. Some parts and you think it wouldn't be such big problems. I thought so. And....come on, it really is not a big problem, only losing these moments and I probably really sad right now.
So sad. How could I abandon this duty for such a loooooooong time (you know it when I typed "long" with doubles O it matters that "long"). This could be really fun, really and I didn't enjoy it. Stupid Afi.

Sorry for letting some people down. Or not. I really do screw things up. I believed that they would have been working really good whether I attached or not. But I spoiled my chances for being a part of best society, I just felt it. I am happy for being apart of you.
And sorry again, for letting you down, self. You could have been being a really smart person, a responsible one, but I spoiled it. Sorry, self.

P.s I can't wait until my college years begin! Too excited!!
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