Nov 27, 2013

Sadly I am neatly to be sad

This is such a quick yet wholeheartedly-written notes. My roommates have gone sleep. It simply is unusual. I've always gone sleep on an earlier time ever since been living this dormitory life. I just can't sleep tonite. I just can't close my eyes and pretend I am sleepy already. The lazybone is too lazy to be lazy tonite.

The symptoms of influenza + cramping legs + swollen eyes + loud music thru headphone + massive thoughts, really I can't have a good sleep, I guess.
The idea of leaving good memories has never been so easy nor okay. I hate to admit that I am, yes, tied to not so long good memories. I miss you! I miss you! I miss you!

I hate this kind of feeling.
It is torturing, if you wanna know.
#np Reunion - David Benoit ft. Freeman
And yes, a meeting pleaseeeee??? :(

P.s kapan sih kamu datang dengan berita yang benar-benar bahagia? Kenapa membawa kabar bahagia tapi pakai bumbu perindu? Payah.
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