Jan 14, 2014


"Cause yes, that's the mentality you've built yourself. With those great up coming self efforts. With the good deeds which followed by snitch yet unconquerable fear. With too much hopes on people's attentions. With a shameful, fragile, easily-broken heart. You once really had that kind of bravery. But again, that's the mentality you've bulit yourself. The gate was once opened. The highest cliff over there was ever bend-lowered. The boat stopped and were waiting for some times. But again, that's the mentality you've built yourself. You said "it's okay". You believed there would be other times. Yet you know the world won't be kind enough to represent the feeling you wish it lasts. Yet you know there wouldn't be a second chance for the first sight. Yet you know the mentality itself would just be waiting until you say "I'm ready". So yes, you've never even been so close to it. Even still, you demand so much on yourself. What's with the mentality itself?"

It's boring to be just fine.
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