Feb 1, 2014

Dear Dewe,

(Coba mp3 playernya dinyalain dulu terus play No Se Tu-Luis Miguel, biar (ceritanya) mengharukan)

Things change.
Much more than we could ever realize.
The way I choose which purse should last the day with me. The way I want the tasks be done. The confusion of knowing the differences between belief and believe, breathe and breath, color and colour, and so on. Those days passed already. Oh, no, it all hasn't passed yet, it is going on.

I love seeing people owning their colors strongly. It turns me thinking about my own life. I, perhaps, too much, am thinking about it. Cause absolutely, watching your friends growing up, becoming those life-ready creatures, and firmly facing the life ahead, you can't be enjoying the time just..just like that. Once you might just be okay and not really care about it cause you probably don't wanna let yourself too busy caring about how world is going. Again, things change. Can't be so lax on frothy things, tho.
Maybe this is what they call as 'quitting the comfort zone', may...be...
I'll have myself a seat outside the comfort zone, oh yes.
Main part:
So here it is, the very first requested post, pffffft. If he wants me to make it ways hyperbolic, well, yes, I'll hardly (try to) make one.

(Sebenernya gak mau pakai bahasa inggris soalnya males banget nanti dikoreksi grammarnya :( tapi apadaya, mesennya begitu sih, he forgot his nation already, including the language. Please, Dew, don't be a grammarnazi or smth, I beg you. Oh ya, prolognya emang gak nyambung tapi yaudah sih)

So, you, my dear friend--the one who has an expertise on cooking Indonesian cuisine, inventing the 'capcay + kecap yang banyak banget' (perhaps it's good as your gusto, pffft, don't even know why), experiencing the failure of telor rebus and ayam yang belum lunak, and celebrating the success of telor balado yang keliatannya enak-- I'm happy for you! Congratulations on having the guts to ask the bule untuk fotoin lo dengan pose megang jamur though the jamur quite gak keliatan.....pfft. No, that's not what I'm trying to say.

selamat, ini lumayan

Congratulations on your BIG (literally) step quitting the comfort zone! Happy finding the happiness yourself. Happy struggling the bad-happens, everytime, everywhere. Happy deciding what's best for you and other people. Happy creating the sweetest stories ahead. Happy enjoying the weather. Happy living a current modern lifestyle. Happy exploring the country where I've been dreaming of to live in :"")
If you're feeling like facing the hardtimes, believe it that everyone does. We, people, suffer most of the times, but we are healed in different ways. Maybe I'm a type of gampang 'sehat' person and you alter steps the opposite ways of mine. But that's okay, unfairness leads this world generously going on.

Kayaknya gak ada orang yang menderita-menderita banget dan gak ada orang yang terlalu beruntung. Semua punya porsi kok.
Udah ada Dzat yang mengatur semua hidup kita, so keep praying!

On an earlier time I got to know you, I was like "selera humornya boleh juga nih orang" yes, I'm a bit 'sok lucu' person, aren't I? But as time goes by, you turn up into a serious person and I was like "ini orang mikirnya suka kejauhan" hahaha. But I like it that way! Keep your selfhood that way even make it stronger. I knew it, you're a kindhearted guy and of course you have a beautiful mind. Those making me so grateful to be one of your friends. I wish we could forever be friends! Aoooooh :$ (please biar sweet dalem hati lo mesti bilang "iya fi, gue juga bersyukur punya temen kayak lo") I heart youuu <3

(Sebenernya jadi gak sweet kalau pake bahasa inggris dew karena kemampuan gue di bawah rata-rata </3)

So well, it's not a sweet post cause I'm basically not a gadis-bermulut-manis. I'm more into a girl who blabber much and get choked in my own words most of the times, but yes, that's me. Again, good luck for everything! I'm such a proud friend (˙⌣˙),
Hayah Montana

Jamur crispynya sampe Belanda :")

S u k s e s T e r u s , D e w!
Selamat menjelajahi dunia-Nya di bagian sana!
Selamat menebar kebaikan!

P.s, I'll send the jamur crispy on your birthday but ongkir ditanggung sendiri ;) wkwk
P.s again, it took a long time to write this post. Tadinya gue mengutip kata-kata di diary gue tentang lo, tapi entar-entar aja deh
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