Apr 1, 2014

Sad Story Indeed

I really don't know why.
But I probably had gone too far from the very first time I typed "youtube.com" on my address bar. As a matter of facts, there should be written "photosynthesis" or "DNA replication" for the sake of foolish me who stuttered said that I understood. Cause yes, I don't :( (It's okay, Fi. It's all beyond okay)

In case of the less-pushy-me within the trouble to get focus on things which reliable with my tomorrow's test, the ones' remarkable life would be so tempting to be followed about. I locked my eyes on the screen and watched things. Oh no, been watching. The first thing came up to my mind is the cartoon where the Mesopotamia numerically said. I watched the Fairly Odd Parents, yeay! It's been really really long time not seeing Timmy Turner and Cosmo and Wanda and Vicky and the Mesopotamia thingy. I am alived, LOL.

The next thing brought me gone too far from the catabolism or anabolism reaction is........the Carpenters. Yes, I just love hearing "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" being played. It's funny yet makes me so alive. It continued to the anorexic guys and how they fight back the torments. Sad people. Sad me. Sad things. AND this is the biggest WHY happened. I watched so many transgender videos. Haaffffft. I'll embed one here, just in case you'll see how interesting this girl/boy named Jazz. lol.

Also check the related videos, okay?
Ah ya, I also surfed about Grace Kelly and Lady Diana this morning. Just right before I went for ujian kalkulus. Well well, people with their problems.....ways problematic hafff, so sad knowing some people are actually tortured by their 'fascinating' life. And I thank God that my life ways unproblematic. Tho something BIG is waiting down there (down?).

The saddest story also goes to an australian identical twin who suffered anorexia nervousa. You may wanna know their stories>> Clare and Rachel Wallmeyer. Really, it's a sad story.

I thank God for a happy life,

p.s I wish Nisae were here, like seriously.
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