Jun 10, 2014

It's a Foodie Blog

Nice. Today was totally backbreaking at some parts. Most of it, I may say. I'd be happy for saying "Ewww" the way Jimmy Fallon did. Anyway, it is again my fault for repeatedly failing the tests. My last night and morning were filled by Cak Lontong and Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. Ah ya, SNL too. Those weren't a helping hand for your test, tho. But it worked well serving candy flosses over my tongue and made me a really happy being thru the day.

I run a new blog! Soon to be filled up by the lectures I got on my major classes. You may check it, HERE! 
I must be having an expertise on my path. Almost all Pengantar Teknologi Pangan classes were affirming and that really was a good news for me myself. Mr Pur obviously a good storyteller, indeed. Should be working harder ahead!

Next, here my favorite scene for today. Catch you later

Yes, Emma nailed it.
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