Jun 27, 2014

Save it yourself.

Saya baru benar-benar merasa ada di tempat kuliahan atau kampus atau semacamnya sejak ada si Orang Itu. Bukan sejak ada Orang Itu deh, sejak Orang Itu bicara seperti itu lebih tepatnya. Orang yang tetiba mencoba mengusik hal fundamental dalam hidup saya. Toleransi? yes, I've been working on it, really.

You can tell me how unfaithful you are, how every single thing will ably be explained thru logically, rationally long explanation, how things which are succeeded are the results of your long hard works. It is, you said. But not my faith, dude. Not even so close to it. I'll do it my way and you'll do it your way. I'll have it like I've always been and you'll have it like whatever you want. It is as simple as that. So please, raping ones' beliefs is definitely a human right violation. That's what you were doing to me, to my beliefs, dude. Be careful of it.

Stop it or
Yes, we are soon to be close to an end.
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