Jul 1, 2014

The Outsiders

The Greasers

Dallas: WHY DO YOU BOTHER HELPING PEOPLE, HUH? It doesn't do any good.

I could tell you so much moral values from this movie, but I ain't telling. To sum up, it brings another set of life to mine. I think I knew, I've ever knew these outsiders--some of my friends who lead a life lot similar to The Greasers, really they are--I knew, I really knew there are just that sunshine just like what Ponyboy Curtis had always been wondered. Also a guy like Dallas, I think I ever knew a guy like him. That's why I would grant 5 out of 5 stars to this movie.

It is a tough, yes, tough life, man.

Any last scenes made me burst to tears.
I hope you guys doing good. Been a long time not even got a "Hi" from y'all.
Stay gold.

p.s. this movie brought to me by the Stay Gold, a hit by Stevie Wonder.
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