Jul 15, 2014

Social Medias

Social medias. Despite the welfare you might get from it--like being famous if you want, being so damn cool with stuffs if you think so, it is okay--let me talk about the perks itself in my point of view. Lately I have been pretty busy doing stuffs, mostly reading and listening to some new albums--literally new for me-- of my favorite guys. Do not ever think I am rich enough to buy books and compact discs at once, besides my mom will never allow me buying stuffs related to musics, LOL. Portscha, my netbook (yes weird, as you wish. But I gave my gadgets name so I can completely feel in companions with them) goes favorable. He works well.

I am poaching (what?) so much things on net. Cultural writings seem so interesting, recently. Perhaps people busy talking about Pemilu and quick count stuffs but it does not bother me somehow. Go for it, people but I am not practicing politics at all. Paul McCartney's NEW album done in a really fascinating way. A guy or gal name Nayane Felix uploaded it on Youtube, I don't know how to thank somehow cause by that I can listen to it without getting any penny outs, thankssssss so do much! But I guess, I will save some money to buy it later in any respects. I love you, Sir!!

I also settled a Tumblr account. I love reblogging pictures and gifs. Talking about reblogging, I feel bit in needs of reblogging writings too so I settled a new wordpress account. Thank God, for the technology, for the invention named net connection, now I can learn how these beautiful minded guys all around the world deal with their life and society which goes fake and the undeniably matters in this world by reading their blogs. Thank God!

In short, if blog is classified as a social media (which is it is) I am apparently a social media addict. I got no problem with that. But really, all I am doing have never intended to fulfill such society remarks in case of getting accepted. Be real, some guys judge by other social medias nowadays, including their existences. I will not get used to it.

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