Oct 24, 2014

Go, Find it Out!

Wow, gambarnya macam di blog-blog galau a la Tumblr!

In your so called adolescent, it is not strange to have simply sophisticated aspirations in life. Neither strange of finding out that your friends, who nearly your ages and about, are seem to be into traveling. Oh, please do not mind if you did not find this circumstance, perhaps it is my friends. Yes, everyone would be very pleased to go somewhere else. Meanwhile, some others are busy making plans.

Traveling around the world.
It is quite so-my-ages-first life aspiration. I would love to. I have always wondered of having fabulous trips to Europe and North America. No, I would not post any photos with double-triple-thousands hashtags on instagram or path or flickr if so. Probably for now cause I have not settled those accounts and yet I have not got chances to travel the world, lol.

How about traveling my one and only beloved country?
Oh yes, great. Indonesia is beautiful as we know it. Those archipelagos lie toward every inches due to your steps. Well, neither this chance getting me. Doesn't it sound too pity for a girl my ages who has not put attentions nor been so affirmative about visiting places in my country or at least...town?
Not really, though. Of course it is my opinion.

In my thoughts, traveling does not have to be everyone's true pursues. As I am, I am not really one who find traveling would give me a peace of mind. Please, be sorry about that.
I am sure some of you would be like "Iya, kasihan banget ya lo belum pernah nikmatin enaknya traveling" or "Payah, pikiran sempit. Terjebak rutinitas" or "Kasihan banget hidupnya monoton karena belum pernah lihat dunia luar" or "Iya, sama Fi. Gue juga nggak pengen-pengen banget keliling dunia".

But it is. My sister has been visiting places which as she said so mind-feeding. I do perceive that feeling too every time she told me the stories. Traveling can give you so much joy--of seeing beautiful scenes, breathing onto fresh air, witnessing God's creations, meeting brand new great people, learning new cultures, speaking other languages, enriching your mind, opening your eyes, last but not least..finding yourself.

It does not sound new that people would find themselves over traveling. It brightens yourself. Affirmative people would find it beneficial to directly make goal to this part. But it does not mean I am trapped in my so called routines which is seemed to be boring. Neither it means I am so little to have no intention to travel the world. No, no, no, I would have my arguments toward this.

There, in my room, I wrote some words and put it on the wall. As well as anyone sticking great phrases, wise quotes, dreams so they can easily remember their pursues. What I wrote?

I want to remember that it is not the place, it is the journey.
It is not the place, it is the destination.
It is not the place, it is the things you are doing.  
I want to remember that everyone could be my wonderland. This is the virtue I am possessed. By that I mean, their mind. This would be my so called traveling part. I do not take too much time of going somewhere to see beautiful scenes, breath onto fresh air, witness God's creations, learn new cultures, speak the words, enrich my mind, open my eyes, and find myself.
I love talking to everyone cause I find them all interesting. Even sometimes I can not decide whether I should like or dislike them, take other step forward or backward. Everyone is being so gorgeous any time. This is my favorite destination! Exploring ones would give me chances to learn new things.

Do you get the point?

So, please.
Do not be so snitchy about ones who love 'trapping' themselves onto the same whole thing like routines. You would never know how they deal with it. So far, I enjoy my routines within these great people. It feels exactly, perhaps, like visiting Europe or North America. Cause they are my wonderland. It has been a great trip so far! Have not been tired of all this.
Thank God for giving me these notable friends.

I wonder to put my traveling pictures, but how? How to capture ones' ideal, beautiful mind?

Te amo!
Yang dikhawatirkan hidupnya membosankan,
Afi Wiyono

p.s I have received 5 postcards from around the world. The recent came from Porto Santo, yippie! It is great to read their greetings. This postcard literally my best vehicle to travel the world too.
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