Oct 23, 2014

She said: Gila, nggak penting banget, Fi!

She said "Gila ya, semakin lo tahu banyak dunia ini semakin aneh. Lo sadar nggak sih, semakin lo tumbuh besar dunia ini semakin aneh?!"


Time flies.
And I am so bored to say that again, over again. But yesss, time flies.
Line of the day falls for my skinny friend.

Huf. Sob, kalem sedikit dong.
I am telling her that I was watching Winnie the Pooh, which is my recent favorite character after Barney, of course. And I have been browsing a bit about Christopher Robin, the mostly wearing yellow shirt boy on Winnie the Pooh's sets. Ya know, Christopher Robin owned all the dolls including Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and others who magically getting along due to the stories made by A.A.Milne.

I just found out that Christopher Robin Milne was real...
And Winnie, the teddy bear was real too.
And Tigger...
And Kanga...
 That was a bit shocking. The line of the day I wrote above was the response of these facts. We hardly could believe it. The only thing was not real is the storyline. Christopher Robin, based on the story, used to be a very charming and affirmative guy within his imaginations about the dolls-- Pooh and friends. Meanwhile in the real world, he did not have a happy childhood. A.A.Milne, his father, was called strict. So is his mother.

 Iya, makin tahu banyak jadi makin merasa dunia ini aneh. Lebih aneh lagi saat tahu Christopher Robin Milne, si tokoh asli, benci dengan ayahnya, si penulis terkenal yang 'mengangkat' kisah anaknya menjadi cerita favorit anak-anak. Christopher benci karena royalti yang didapatkan ayahnya adalah hasil dari kisah menyenangkan tentang dirinya--yang bukan dirinya. Wah, ini komplikasi. Pertanyaannya sederhana: kenapa Christopher Robin dikisahkan begitu bahagia di masa kanak-kanaknya sedangkan nyatanya ia tidak bahagia? Kenapa kisah nyatanya tidak diangkat?
Plot twist. Winnie the Pooh berakhir tragis.

"Gila, nggak penting banget, Fi!"

The end.

Simpati sekali.

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