Jan 14, 2016


I really don't like the way I have done my final term week. It was weak. At all points, it was all nothing but excuses. Regret is not here, it stays somewhere else. But the end does stay here.

I stepped out the classroom. My steps were really fast. My bit loose pair of shoes were moving constantly in velocity.

Some other time it inclined to reach certain acceleration. Today was started by a low, lousy positive vibe. A little to afternoon, the bombing news accompanied my brunch.

Not funny.
Not even slightly funny.
I go skeptical within this news. Even it happened in Jakarta, my (okay this might sound pathetic) first home, I do not feel sorry. But I do sorry for not feeling sorry.

Then I decided to do my final- final examination within a bad tempered mood. I hate each question. Why did they ask me those rigor mortis stuffs? The most expensive beef, how to decide whether that one should be regarded as the best quality? In your eyes. We do decide for the sake of money. Damn on you, capitalism.


This is just a temporary spit out.
I think I should go. I'd better shut my eyes and wonder why. And yeah, in this likely time, I always knew a vanilla ice cream would never betray. It can not be deceiving. Other thing is, hatred would never win.

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