Dec 24, 2016

My So Sudden Post. The Night Before.

I may have been too anxious lately.

But the fact that my sister was being so care--willing to read several chapters of my favorite book out loud, gruesomely involved in interpreting the whole story, being fair to reflecting beyond the reality--is everything to me now.

And also the fact that my friends are also happily welcoming my family's precious day (the wedding day of my brother)--by arranging the whole agenda wholeheartedly, trying hard to stick to it, letting them selves in pretty inconvenient situation, and still be happy about it--is nothing compared to the reasons of this shit anxiousness.

Mama&Ayah are pretty hard on them selves. I cannot relate to it. Things are hard yet light. That is fine by them, tho. So I won't let myself hurdling much on them.

You may cry a lot. Feeling despise is fair enough. Yet, life is still good, perhaps?

Despite the reasons of anxiety, these tears are my happy tears. Thank you for being around. Especially yang lagi pada mau makan sop bebek. Thank you.


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