Sep 18, 2009

ice castle theme song

muahha miss ya since last post :D idih banget emang ahahah
ah ya next> i've got the video by nikka costa, YAP! looking through the eyes of love song. shrimpy that i can't download any mp3 files -__- 4shared made me mad because of its immitation timing muahah. well, i just can enjoy this thing through youtube. well who's care about the video that just showed nikka's picture one important thing is the song!

first known about this song> my dad often play the piano version seemed make me love it muahah

this the video:))

it's kinda mellow but nikka's voice is cute of course because she was a kid, hehe okat just play it and enroll, hear then listen

catch you next time:))
much love haha

oya, notes nih yaa sampe sekarang aku belum bisa bikin cube layer 3
muahaha-- more much love:)

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