May 29, 2010

Azilla Liyana, the one who gave me strange feeling

here i am right here typing something new with an upset mind. well, lebay lo fi -__-
i ever posted about my cyberpal, Azilla Liyana♥
yeah, the who's always talk about badminton. call her as badminton addict or badminton lover or else. what i wanna share this time? wanna say these words -->

somehow i really miss you , nana-chan. no matter you didn't feel it i'm okay but i just wanna have a lil chitchat with you it might be better then :'(

okay maybe you're kinda busy, but thought you do it everytime. we never meet we never talk each other by phone, skype or else. but you just too worth to forget. i wanna have lil chitchat about your day, your project, next badminton event, your lee chong wei, my lee yong dae haha everything! miss everything for exact.

you never reply my email, my wall, and even never going online this time. how much mail i've sent for ya? no need to reply and talking too much just greet me, passing by hi or hello or howdy or just tell me how're ya feeling i'm okay! just wanna make it sure that you're okay there.

you don't have to know much about me if you don't want to.
you don't have to feel like i feel if you don't want to.

but, puh-lease nana-chan~
i'm the 0ne who miss you somuch right now. haven't feel better yet since 2 weeks ago, since i remembered that there was thomas and uber cup. i miss your supporting-thingy for lee chong wei or even taufik hidayat and yout twinsie maybe, lilyana natsir you said aaaaaa i miss everything nanananannanananan~~~

okay these are the lil wall-to-wall with nana, before we knew facebook we did it from friendster haha i miss it somuch

wew, badminton-thingy right? as i said no need to care with me, just reply mine then i'll be better nana :) i'm begging somuch (Y)
thankyou cause you already gave me something new, a cyberpal like you yeah something different with this feeling, miss you love you~
gotta check my email and facebook, still waiting from yoursssssss
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