May 29, 2010

those books

did i ever tell ya about Molly Moon?
it's not the ice cream or kinda beverage one. it's a book. Molly Moon.
bought it about one year ago, gramedia depok foe sure and right in the basement for exact h0h0~ and it spent Rp 20,000 for two books. you can call it as sale or even buku gak laku~ well let me tell you that i'm not into the book-thingy but nisae anya intan suggested to buy those books. and after read those books, No regrets.

Sounds interesting that i'm starting like to read :)

i have two series of Molly Moon, the first and the second. i'm waiting for the third cause it haven't publish in Indo yet. besides Molly Moon, i bought three books by Morris Gleitzman; a famous author from Aussie, my cousin told me so. yeah, those books are entertaining haha i love Morris! after Morris's, i just bought a new book two days ago. Harry and the Wrinklies. haven't finish it yet but i'm gonna make it this nite! yeah this night!
okay, i suggest you to buy those books i meant above. have great read-time y'guys :)

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