Jun 22, 2010

check this really out!! -_-

Okay, let me spell you this I’m-in-the-mood-to-posting :D
But as always, I’m stuck right now and now, I’m gonna type with a good rules (?)
I mean, I’m trying to type correctly. Firstly, about the capital letter. I’m gonna type a capital letter after the dot (.) and everything that should use the capital one.

-__- sighs……

Though really hard but yes if there’s lotta mistakes, I’m sure I didn’t mean to HAKAKAKAk XD lols. Okay, who’s gonna talk a lot though. After I did blogwalking, I found that my blog’s just too creepy because it less of picture -__- so I really wanna share lotta picture in this blog from NOW! Eheheh~ so I’m in the metamorf-step right now ( I don’t exactly understand what I am talking right now – but I’m typing obviously).

Okay, I lend a camera from my uncle call him Om Nunu. It’s a digicam. I have one but it has broken though haha. I captured many things with this digicam ( Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62). Honestly, I never mean to take a good photograph. Cause I’m not into the photography-thingy as everyone trying to be this time. I captured lotta unimportant thing with this camera but seemed the result never has a worth meaning. Sometimes in the night I captured myself before I directly hit my bed haha, unimportant right? But yes with doing that I satisfied myself to capture here, there, and anything!

As I said, I have no idea for this post so I’m gonna share some pictures here. And as I said (again) it captured by me using my uncle’s digicam. AND the most important thing is….. these pics are already compressed through Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Why? Okay, let me tell you this one, this digicam will produce a picture with 10 mega pixels so it needs a BIG MEMORY. So, to upload these pictures on this blog I have to compress it first. And it won’t waste my time as much as I do not compress it.

And you will see the compressed pictures that has a very very very very very (just remember how Lemony Snicket did this in a book where Count Olaf acts. Book 2 if I’m not mistaken) very very very very bad quality! -___- ahahha

Okay here they are; (do not complain then just look at it all)

this is Torie and my Cool-Dogs
Torie is my jhs bag and Cool-dogs is for my shs (y!)

the COZIEST room ever -__-
messy.crowd.and comfy for me!

my crunchy-bear :D
maybe you have a piggy-bank. but i have a crunchy bear

things in my bed. haha i dont know what those things are
there are crayon, my cellphone, my notes, marker, p!magz, and a broken keyboard -__-

the laptop. VERY VERY VERY classic -__-
okay maybe you can say it's sssssooooo yesterday.
i really wanna buy the new one!

my crayon. I got it from my elementary

HELLO DINO! the best notes hahaha

What room is this? I don't exactly understand -,-
no more space

This is Sop Buntut. my Momma made this hmmm yummy :p

My piano. as i said I don't really get how to play piano well.
but I love this!

'Together Forever' by Rico J. Puno
a very beautiful song. I'm trying to play this song well (y!)

this is a greeting card for Milla Muttonen.
my cyberpal from Findland. today is her birthday :D

WTH?! haha, those are my books and i don;t know how to sort it -_-

well those are the pics. Clear? okay no matter i just wanna make my blog lil bit colorful HAHAHA. Haven't colorful yet? okay whatever grrrr -__-

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