Jun 16, 2010

i'm scattering some words

okay, i'm typing anonymously (?)~ ahya? you still remember me? yeah I'm AFI! prok prok prok *apa sih lo fi sok seru banget dah

ehm (inhale -- exhale)

okay hello you guys (ulang lagi). how's life goin so far? if you feel good i'm happy for that. if you feel terrible i'm JUST TOO happy for that HAKAKAKA (!)
okay nope -- just start this post directly, Fi!
okay i don't exactly understand why did i click 'new entry' while i have no idea to post in this AWESOME blog (-_-)
okay just wait a second and i'm gonna typing some words

** a couple minutes later........

okay I'M BACK (!)
okay these words what i've found when i was wondering silently
okay i'm kinda in the mood to post a new post in this blog but somehow i have no idea! no need to lie, i told ya the truth
okay i don't understand why; I FOUND A LOTTA 'OKAY' WORDS IN THIS POST SO FAR? (-_-)
help me i'm just too confuse(d)

well feel so much better right now (?)~
let me tell you some fact here that's pretty much better than i didn't type anything to fill up this field hahahak

  • i accepted in 28 shs Jakarta (have i told you before? cause i just slashed my wishlist in this blog)
  • i NOT accepeted in insan cendekia. okay thought 28 is my future (y!)
  • i'm in the holiday until now and feel terrible trapped in this house and do nothing
  • i watched Italy vs Paraguay match somedays ago and i felt much disappointed to watched it (why? Buffon played badly. hard to believe he lost his capability and old already sighs~~)
  • i'm gonnna visit my school tomorrow for some purposes
  • i miss anya and nisae deadly right now and hope can meet them tomorrow
  • i'm starting love to play piano even i never understand about its theory and i do it by myself and got some theory from my day
  • i'm starting love omegle and i've got lotta friends from that site and we moved to MSN
  • i'm making friends with Maurizio (ita), Yuan (chn), Ramzul (mly), Josh (UK), Daniel (UK), Milla (fin), Alice (pol), Tim (neth) ,and more. knew them from omegle and now i'm keeping touch with them all
  • i'm chatting and uploading picture right now
  • i'm listening to Endless Love by Lionel Richie ft Diana Rose right now and can't download it cause the lame connection -__-
  • i wanna share some picture and choose it randomly (do not complain please and thankyou) *wth, it takes so loooooong i'm bored*

chat with Isal. he greet me first

below are my first meeting with Yuan (y!)
move to MSN. i told him ow to make it hehe~ lil proud

this is Alice from Poland, she sent me this pic
AWESOME she's sooooo beautiful. envy her~

i made this thing because i have no activity

well those random pics thought enough haha. besides, who's wanna read my blog though. i'm gonna omegle-ing and reply the e-mail. ahya i'm chatting with Alice right now and gonna watch the world cup directly~

ah ya some suggest for you who WANNA READ MY BLOG;
download these songs below
--> Together Forever (Rico J.Puno), All I Have to Do is Dream (Everly Brother), Days of Old (David Benoit)

i'm kinda love to listening to those songs! have a great time :D

and much ♥,
Afi Wiyono
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