Feb 13, 2011

I'm used to being a beatlemania

oh well hi back to me again here :D
I just realized how long my last post was and....okay at least your eyes would be swollen after read it haha. Can you see my new background here?

and yes, good news! I'm typing here as a Beatlemania! actually it's just a same old story, yeah being a beatlemania. But I don't exactly agree that I ever quit this job. I love Miley as I ever told ya but it doesn't mean that I'm not a fan of Beatles anymore, never be. Well, my friend called Feisal is an-into-oldies-music person. Well he claimed that he's not a beatlemania. But, to sing along with him it makes me realize that oldies never die! So does Beatles for me \m/

And this late, I'm back.
I miss the rock 'n roll they served
I miss the tune that can make you move
I miss the sweet words
I miss Paul's sweet voice
I miss Lennon's artistic voice
I miss George's almost-drop voice
I miss Ringo's nose

If you hear recent songs, you won't find such things I mentioned. LOL of course cause they are tbe Beatles. Yes, only them who can be them right? and only others who can be others. At least, recently Mileys have been fed up my life but it never mean that I'm under-estimating her. She's awesome and ROCK as well and I still love her.

So, yeah I'm just missing my grandpasss Paul, John, George, and Ringo. It's never be a fault right?

Gonna share 3 photos of my fav grandpa! Paul McCartney :)
AAAA he even cooler than the coolest!

this is the pic that being my background
just make it sure that you can see his cute faceee with that glasses :3

isn't he looks like Skandar Keynes? YES!
and stroke a pose like our pose recently, capture when you're in front of the mirror

no wonder there're so much girl wanting him!
cute eyes!

See ya next time. Keep visiting then, bye♥

Best kecups,
Afi Wiyono

P.S I love You :))
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