Feb 24, 2011

Teenage Dreams

Firstly I thank God that I actually got an increase scores anyway :D thank God I love you and always be 0:)

Well guysie, I remembered about my fav grandpa! haha this afternoon I was searching about Fool On the Hill on youtube and I got it anyway :p enjoy this guys!

cute? yeah no doubt anyway as I said, he even cooler than the coolest *wink

ahya another thing, i finally watched Step Up 3 already yeay! seemed sooooooo damn cool. Well when will I be like that? *a random teenage dreams haha. talk about teenage dream, do you know about Katy Perry's song titled like that? one of my budak, Prastika told me another cool version about that song. Different singer at least, called mike Tompkins. You-know-what?? he's just tooooooooooooo awesome! a beatboxer or so-whatever guy who could imitate lotta music instruments! I just couldn't describe him from these words all you have to do is onleh watch this

what an awesome guy! haaaaaah maybe I'm in love haha LOLs

Well then thought that's all. Gotta download some songs hehe

Much Love,
Afi Wiyono
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