Mar 15, 2011

A forgotten mind

Ewwww I'm feeling like a kite -- terbang sana sini, terombang ambing -- eh lebay. eh mood gue terombang ambing sih emang. Recently I just realized how unstable I am, how kiddo, how nasty and well... how disgusting. At least, I'm alive -__-

Who's being so thankful for my existence? me myself, and I hope my parents do. Lately I was thinking that I'm not actually a good person. I'm this nasty and might be more oh HOW could. tobat juga susah banget, astaghfirullah. let me tell you ya, you may think I'm feeling so proud for being a jidok, jilbab kedok. A nickname made by Axa a sarcastic boy whom expertise on Math, damn on man! I'm feeling like a nut. Surely.

I don't think that it's gonna give a good impact for me at least. Eh iyalah, lo kira kedok itu punya arti bagus apa? Kagak. Dan gak bakalan pernah jadi sesuatu yang baik. And yes, MOM I WANNA CHANGE, srsly :(

and here come the jidok and the jabs

L-R Ijul Jidok Wan

Ahya, have I ever told ya what I wanna be? take a time probably 3 years later. I should decide. And it should be 'my decision' for exact. I'm gonna growing up, I'm gonna chase my dreams, and I'm gonna live my life for about getting mature. Oh HOW could? :( feeling so unprepared. Everyone knows it, it's not the time for being so prepared but at least we should be ready for being prepared. Confused? I almost do. But thank God I didn't :p

For kinda a start, I choosed IPA when I filled a form for my major on high school. Oh Gosh, absolutely I don't get and I won't never be ready to face such norms. Meant for IPS. I never be ready for that but I'm not coming around with IPA for hundred percents. HOW could? Getting confused when I list my-wanted is such an usual thing.

I'm wishing like I have to be sure for what I had choosed. Hardly believe that God will give you the best. Surely :)

p.s GOOD LUCK my sistah! I know you can do it! (re: exams) :)

With Unstable mind and Love,
Afi Wiyono
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