Mar 27, 2011

Got shoved by Math T_T

Guysieeeeeee I hate Math for sure. Oh lame on............
Well, Imma girl who used to love, care, match, have fun, share, laugh with, play, MATH :O okay, that was too much. But, at least, I ever enjoyed doing it. Enough said.

See me here, a senior high schooler who doesn't understand about Math. Uhuk uhuk.
What's Math anyway? Things about number, I thought.
What's Math anyway? Well, it used to be my friend and I knew it so well.
What's Math anyway? A beautiful name that made to ease things in this world ha ha -_-
What's Math anyway? About add, minus, multiply, divide
What's Math anyway? That talk about fraction, and it's getting famous when Justin Bieber said that in Common Denominator.
What's Math anyway? A problem. A BIG problem.
What's Math anyway? hmm........honestly, it seems like hating me. Okay, I'm not a dork! I'm not a best friend of it.

I'm just a girl who's trying to have a good relationship with HIM. Okay, it's kinda cute to call 'it' as 'him' hawkakakak :O How could I get my passion back? Though, I hate the teacher ehm well not to mention his name here ha ha I still have a good thoughts on him even it rests a very very very small sighs. He seems so cool and I should get his heart back! ERGH. -__-

I'm not about crazy, guys. I really wanna do it. At least, why I have to forget him? He's cool, he's HOT, and he's so absurd with all of his problems and matters. Gah, one thing that sometimes hanging up on my mind......

He doesn't understand what I feel. Really. He gives me problems but not into solves it. He let me solve it by myself. If I couldn't do it, he won't come. He let me suffering too much. He let me got a headache. He's so......mean.

Maybe those are reasons why I'm starting to stop liking him. He's so mean, seriously. He doesn't care about me. Okay, there's so much better guy than MATH! Simon Santoso might be much better -___- ahahahahhhaha okay. Enough said, stupid girl! Eat worms!

With a broken heart and despite,
Afi Wiyono :O
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