Oct 28, 2012


Elmo: But if Deedles is blind, you can't see Elmo. Well how does Deedles know how Elmo was like?
Deedles: Well, one way that I know is by listening to the sound of your voice
Elmo: Do you mean Deedles could tell what Elmo was like just by listening to Elmo's voice?
Deedles: Oh sure, hm-mm
Elmo: What else, what else?
Deedles: Well I can tell by touch, that's one sense that we use a great deal. Oh gosh, you got a skinny arms

And so it goes. I may not know you, a whole more than your friends or best friends do. I could only know you by seeing, way the opposite of Diane Schuur does. Concluding that the disabilities people are ways knowing something in other way. If they were able to recognize one person in a way of sense it, why can't I? I can sense your presence, even I don't know much about that. Time goes by and my friends keep telling me I am heading for a waste. Wasted days, wasted nights. How can it be so beautiful these days?

I sense you, that's how I know you
Afi Wiyono
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