Aug 15, 2013

Almost midnight notes.

So it has been the fifth day, these rashes have been being a good accompaniment to me, along with No Se Tu of Luis Miguel, and aside from my friends. I've spent soooo many days by myself. Sounding as if I needed friends, bounding to a brand new life. I'd rather call it as new stages of life. I, well, am a colleger right on, how cool is that, huh?

I, soon, am gonna leave my house for a brand new dormitory life which is intended to fill my freshman year. Awyeah, an overdo excitation sometimes blurry comes along with a doubt. I've always been convincing my self that life would always be a joyous coaster ride. Surprise me then! I grant so much hopes on this dormy stage and no one ever prepared enough of being let down, including me.

So long, high school. You've given me a wonderful riding most of the times. So long, buddy. I hope you all also do intend to take a good care of these relationships and the memories and the dreams and the promises. So long, self. You know, once you make a decision of declaring the reaches you are heading for, you've gotta commit reaching it all. Let's see how much crosses you are about to do on your to-do-list/wishlist/dreamlist/whatever you call it.

So, get well soon, Fi.

P.s it's funny to meet some good people within beautiful minds and they all got the same name. Isn't it, Fi? Lol.
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