Feb 27, 2014

Waktu Luang Sebelum Kelas Pukul 15.30

When people are too busy writing, enjoying, complaining, and opposing the truth that they have fallen in love....I would just be sitting aside and thinking why


Why do I keep on writing things like 'pengen naik traktor, pengen ketemu Simon Santoso, pengen jalan-jalan ke Bukit Permai, pengen lumpia basah kayak Chika, pengen leyeh-leyeh all day long, pengen nyampe Jakarta dalam waktu 5 menit' why??
Why do I keep on enjoying things like lagu-lagu Chaseiro yang lucu-lucu ini, lagu-lagu Kenny Rogers yang lebih cocok untuk kisah cinta opa-opa dan oma-oma, nonton Hannah Montana lewat youtube yang resolusinya minimum, nyari-nyari episode Hey Arnold yang kira-kira belum ditonton, nutup kaki pakai selimut karena Bogor seminggu ini sendu banget udaranya, why??
Why do I keep on complaining about the weather, the dorm's regulations, the way people criticizing over the class, the nonsense talks I should have stopped with some friends, the class' schedules, why?? And yes, why do I keep on complaining about ones who can't fall in love? For anything's sake it's been 18 years in a row!! For maturity's sake she doesn't even know how to enroll in that 'sacred feeling' as everyone had ever felt on their latest years if they are still teenagers.
Or maybe yes, I keep on opposing the truth that I actually have (or even had) fallen too deep. Or maybe yes, it's been a really hard work to stay in disguise just to make sure that people seeing me as an innocent-based. Or maybe yes, I've been being too afraid to put the feelings upon ones. Or maybe yes, the time is yet about to come. Or maybe yes, I should have stopped complaining and opposing the way it is going. Or maybe yes, I shouldn't have to feel bothered at any seconds.

Happy enjoying/suffering your puberty, my dear friends! I would just take a nap while listening to Mucho Corazon, Hasta Que Me Olvides, I know I Need to be in Love, Hanya Membekas Kini, Seandainya Sederhana, You Can't Make old Friends, Apatis, and Ikan Laut (just a playlist of the month).

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