May 19, 2014

Yesterday Once More

Billy Joel sings that song. Vienna, my once and for-ever-will-be favorite song as told before.
Here we go, my not so good english writing of mine. I did have complicated days back then as you can read below or on some other pages on this page. People did screw things up, my thought could say. People did annoy me like oftenly and it had done a big question mark in here (pointing my head).
Well, the thing inside my head is quite not big but yes, it keeps a lot of unnecessary things, poor.

#np Real Thing - Bobby Caldwell

It's been cliche that I have always wanted to hide from this world, this society, or anything else matters for me. Most stupid of all was everything did matter for me. I became a snubbish-ones. I gave a cold shoulder cause I considered it was the only act which appropriate. Well yes, I was far from this snubbing act not so long ago, my friend said.. Ignorance had never really been being a friend of mine. These undertakings really were not me is about.

But these guys around me making me really wanted to swap cause I literally am tired being intimidated. Sorry, self.
No, I won't be taking part any longer on this scene. I had a great huddle with Dewe (I didn't count him in on word 'these guys' I mentioned cause he really is not 'around' and of course he can't be the reason why I really wanted to swap) . I told him how displeased I was of everything surrounding me. And again, I should be thankful for having a friend like him. See this, you are written once again on my page....huft

I shouldn't have had to waste my talent, he said.
Talent? say what~
For him, the cheery me is what I am about. I can't be sad cause a girl like me should never look so blue (yeah yeah, it's Bruno Mars' line) tho it's blue in a real meaning cause everyone in my 11th-grade-class was about calling me Doraemon. Okay, stupid yet notable enough. Yeah, I knew that too. Snub bothers me. Like everyone does. So why should I double-bother myself??? Stupid me.
It wasn't written for me, really. I randomly looked for Pidi Baiq on google
 and found this.
Funny, it seems like meant to be. Bukan Afi yang ini yang dimaksud.
Jadi, saya mau menjadi baik-baik saja selayaknya Afi di hari-hari biasanya. Selamat mencoba.

For sure, here, I re-download all my favorite tunes. I got George Duke, Billy Joel, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, and so on. I am re-alived! I hope things will go as I wish. Final term is coming in weeks and I am bold enough to face it cause YES, DAYS OFF COME TO MAMA, YESSS??!

Have a good life,

p.s I bought Dilan, Pidi Baiq's book lololol and put Vienna of Billy Joel on this page. In case you wondering what my favorite song is. And I missed Lee Ritenour's show last Saturday, pukpuk.
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